People are often confused of what they should do when it comes to bathroom designs for small bathrooms. Well, they shouldn’t feel that way because there are basically lots of thing people can do to make their small bathrooms as functional as their regular or large bathroom. The main key in bathroom designs for small bathrooms is the room layout and management so the already small bathroom won’t look cramped or crowded. If they’re able to choose the perfect bathroom designs for small bathrooms, they won’t only make the bathroom function properly, but they will also be able to make the bathroom look fashionable and stylish.

Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms: Different Sizes in Small Bathroom Category
Before talking further about the bathroom designs for small bathrooms, we need to set up boundaries about the term of small bathroom. Small bathroom is the one with overall size between 16 square to 50 square feet. Lots of people think that they won’t be able to do much in this kind of bathroom. They shouldn’t give up hope easily because there are lots of things people can still do, actually. From the functions alone, the small bathroom is divided into three basic categories, which are:

•    The half bath model, which only includes a sink and a toilet. This bathroom is truly design for the owners – or also guests – to deal with their only basic needs and then wash the hands after their business is over.

•    The three quarter bath model, which includes a sink and toilet, along with a tub or a shower. This is a rather functional bathroom where the owners can do everything they need; from taking a bath to other personal matters.

•    The full bath model, which includes a toilet, sink, tub, and also shower. The management and layout of the tub and shower depends on the owners’ preference, but both of these bathing means are available.

The Perfect Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms
 The Perfect Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms

 So, how should people deal with such kind of small bathroom? What kind of bathroom designs for small bathrooms they need to do? Well, first of all, these home owners may think that they need both shower and tub to enhance their bathroom moment. It’s okay to have them both since the shower has its own function and so does the tub. The problem is the management and the room layout. Well, these people can always combine the shower and the tub within the same place. Instead of installing shower enclosure, why not installing the shower head above the tub? By doing so, they can always take a shower by standing on the tub and they can still have their enjoyable tub moment. It’s certainly efficient and also space extra space. Another consideration in bathroom designs for small bathrooms is that the windows. Having many and large windows is certainly appealing, but it can also be troublesome because people will have difficulty when they have to place cabinets – hanging cabinets or standing ones – or other vanities and appliances. It’s better to have roof window or skylight model to enhance more efficient use. People also need to pay attention to the bathroom vanities. I order to save place and space, they should better use the pedestal sink, instead of regular sink-cabinets model. It should be a better answer and management.
The Perfect Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms
 The Perfect Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms

The Perfect Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms
 The Perfect Bathroom Designs for Small Bathrooms

There’re other tips that can be beneficial when it comes to bathroom designs for small bathrooms, such as:

•    Color management and use. Instead of using dark colors, it’s better to use bright colors that will bring spacious effects to the room. If people want to have patterns or designs on the wall, they should choose simple and small patterns. Big patterns tend to make ‘shrinking’ effects that won’t look good for the already small bathroom. Earthy tone colors are also good for the bathroom. Remember to use two colors combination. If people use more than two different colors, the effects will be crowded and cramped.

•    Pay attention to the door. Swing doors can take up the whole space. It’s better to use sliding doors. If the bathroom is located inside the bedroom, it may be better not to use any door at all.

•    As it’s mentioned before, manage and plan efficiently the layout of the tub and also the shower.

•    Adding mirror to the bathroom can bring spacious effect, especially if the mirror is available in full length size. But be careful about the placement. Wrong placement can make the bathroom feel even crowded and smaller.

•    Lighting also play important factor in making the room feel bigger and more spacious. People can always manage lighting fixtures on places they want to, but it would be better if they make use of natural lights that will greatly benefit them. Use skylight model in bathroom designs for small bathrooms. They can also think about placing one of the wall with half transparent glass that will bring outer lights into the bathroom efficiently. Of course, the wall replaced with glass should be located in very personal spaces within the house. Doing this method for family bathroom may not seem a good idea. But it’s applicable for personal bathroom within the bedroom.
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