Georgian House In Cheverton Road By Light Locations
Georgian House In Cheverton Road By Light Locations

Hello buddy! What’s up! I just saw a movie that is located in London. Action movies that show the house with modern and contemporary design. With a bit of furniture, this house actually looks very charming. Then, I opened my computer and search the same topic, until I found this page. The house, designed by Light Locations is very interesting. I think you will also think so. Let’s look at it together.

The house which is not too large but still has a backyard looks very modern. Design each room is not too crowded and filled with furniture, but it makes the room a very minimalist. The white color makes the whole look of the room to be quite remarkable. Try to see a room with a beautiful white color domination, living room with beautiful dark blue sofa. The sofa looks very amazing and interesting. Cushions are comprised of a lot of motives to make a sofa looks unique. There is an accent of green plants that makes the room looks fresh. Look at the top of the room, a hanging lamp with a unique brown color is really stunning.

Next to the living room with dark blue sofa that I mentioned before, there is a mini white dining clean. Its color indeed matches with the color of the walls and floor of the room. In the dining room there is a chandelier that has a high and beautiful impression. Look at a plant on the table. The plants are placed in a glass pot. In the corner of the room, there is a dressing table with a large glass. It looks very classic table accompanied by a candle that has a similar design.Read more »
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