Phone From Pottery Barn Blends Perfectly With Her Flea Market Finds
Phone From Pottery Barn Blends Perfectly With Her Flea Market Finds

If you want to present an old-fashioned design from a barn wood and combine it with modern architecture, you may take a look at several pictures we provide. You can see the blend of contemporary style and outmoded barn house in those pictures.

We write this article for our tribute to Richard Groves as the architect of the house, He has made lots of residences across Canada and Connecticut. He converted the modern house, gadget and furniture inside while maintaining the solid structure of the barn.

You can see the appearance of one of those barn house pictures. Imagine how fascinated your family when they sit on that white cool sofa or the long chair. In this contemporary living room, you can see the touch of old-fashioned barn wood framed on your ceiling, stairs, fences, and the loft.
Notice the black steel fireplace, for this time this fireplace is surrounded with exposed stone wall style and is complemented with fashionable furniture as it is embodied through the choice of unique chairs.

Let’s go to the kitchen. You will see an solid style with metallic equipment and with two marble-mosaic walls. In its bedroom, the perfect touch of traditional style with the handicraft appeared on the black shelf and recent style of the black ebony furniture. Read more »
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