If you love brick red you’re going to love this place. The Casa Conde by SAMF Arquitectos located in Pinhal Conde da Cunha, Portugal has a warm, friendly brick exterior that is textured, and beautiful. Though red brick might seem like the sort of thing you would see in institutional architecture, here it adds a whole other dimension to modern design. The interior is equally as warm, and continues the gorgeous brick red color in comforting accents that add such a level of sophistication to what could have been just a normal, slick, personality-less space.

“This house, for a musician, is located in a low-density housing area, near a large pinewood, south of Lisbon. The site had an unusual topographical situation, where the construction of the front street had cut the landscape to form a small “cliff” 3/4m high. The house was thought as a substitution of this cliff, maintaining the original situation overlooking the street, over a high sustaining wall.”

[ via : 2modern ]
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