Modern Minimalist Kids Bedroom Design Ideas
Modern Minimalist Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Hi, buddies. What are you doing? Are you having a walk with your kid in a department store? You can buy your lovely kid with some toys to make his happy. But, designing his room can be also a prize for your kid. So, just do it. If you are confused about the kid’s room design, I will help you. Moreover, you have twin kids, it can be a solution for you. I will share about Minimalist Kid’s Bedroom Design Presenting Splash Color. We know that many kids are fans of color. So, just enjoy these pictures here.

We see some splash color in so much part in this bedroom. The bedroom is designed in minimalist way. We see the kid’s bed first. There are two single beds designed with line shape. We can see dark and light brown presented as bed cover. How re about the pillows? They are decorated with purple and yellow theme with flower pattern. Most of this room is designed with wooden accent like we can find of the wardrobe, the desk and even the floor.

I love some rugs here. The kid’s nuance can be presented here with theme. With splash color in the rug, with animals theme and assorted colors in those rugs, generate cheerful nuance. There are double study spaces for your kids. They are designed with a long wooden desk and two white rocking chairs. The coziest thing in this room is some attached bookshelf designed in splash color of white and light green. The wardrobe is located near the bed with white and black theme. I like the wallpaper in near the bed. It is a big leaf with white theme on wooden floor.Read more »
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